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First Listen: Austin Lucas – Pray for Rain

I hear there’s no good men left Everyone in Nashville’s deaf Sad songs are a thing of the past Proving these lines from “Unbroken Hearts” false, Indiana singer/songwriter Austin Lucas returns with Between the Moon and the Midwest, the follow…
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Bands and Beer: Well Crafted Festival

When one thinks of music festivals, two obvious things come to mind: bands and beer. The two go hand-in-hand so it’s no wonder why many teenagers want to learn more about where to buy a fake ID so they can…
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Download: Austin Lucas – Splinters

Yesterday we shared John Moreland’s “Cataclysm Blues No. 4” from the forthcoming Wax Packs release by Secret Audio Club. Today we have the flip side to that 7″ split, “Splinters,” from Austin Lucas. Appearing on 2013’s Stay Reckless, this version…
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